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Concrete Coating Service

Explore the unique features of our concrete coating service, showcasing a captivating array of patterns and colors for flooring that effortlessly blends style with durability.

Our System

four layer concrete coatings showcasing our process

Our concrete coating service is designed to enhance the style and durability of any surface including, 

  1. Garage Floors

  2. Patios

  3. Driveways

  4. Sidewalks

  5. Production Areas

  6. Showrooms

  7. Pool Decks 

Why We Stand Out

Competitive Pricing

Explore cost-effective floor coatings without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing guarantees durable and visually appealing results within your budget.

Customization Options

Choose from a spectrum of colors to customize your floor coatings. Personalize your space effortlessly and make a statement with our vibrant and diverse color options.

Durable Material

Our polyaspartic topcoat guarantees lasting protection, ensuring your floors withstand daily wear and tear with resilient durability.

Proven Track Record

With a proven track record of successful installations and satisfied customers, we stand as a reliable choice for superior concrete floor coatings.

garage with concrete coatings finish provided by Tharpe Exterior Cleaning
After image of a finished concrete coating inside a garage
Polyaspartic concrete coating with vinyl chips
Driveway with concrete coating from Tharpe Exterior Cleaning
Polyaspartic concrete coating on a garage floor
garage with concrete coating


Image of the colors we offer

Dedicated To Delivering Top-Tier Services.

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